Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Matters

Homework left -- MM1,English 4 and Sejarah exercises.
DUH,I hate homework on weekends!
Going off to Sunway Pyramid later in the afternoon,Yay! ^^
I will complete my 'kingdom' right by today. :)
Woke up quite late today,I am not sure.
Feels a little bit of umcomfort in my pig tummy. AIKS!
Ramdom mood today,watched cartoons before I turned on the pc.
Mum's asking me why am I turning on the pc again instead of doing my homework?
I knew she would say that again to me,but she's not angry. XD
Daddy mummy's busying today,they have lotza stuffs to be done.
That's why we're going off late.
Have to go back to school again tomorrow,boring...>.<
Feeling lifeless.
Hmm...I think that's all for now,nothing special about today.
By the way,Valentines day is a week to go from now,valentines,happy! X]
Okie dokie,byebye and enjoy your weekend.^^

Take care dear.



1 comment:

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