Saturday, February 6, 2010

Schooling On Saturday

I hate schooling on weekends.
But too bad,I am good guai lui ad,I did went to school. =.=
I wanted to play truant for a day de,but I did once ad 2 weeks ago so...NO. :(
As usual,very less peepoo went to school today,the tapak was not crowded.
As usual,En.Kumar asked us to give ourselves a clap again.
As usual,most of the teachers were not teaching.
As usual,my brother told me that he was really boring in school and blamed on me cuz I asked him to go to school.
DUH. Not my fault!
ARGH...stupig pet society. >O<
I have a cup of milk right beside me now,I ❤ milk.
I noticed that I am becoming a 'chocolate milk lover' these days.
Before that,I ❤ plain white low fat or full cream milk.
I am ❤ing them still,but I starting to ❤ chocolate milk like what my bro did.
Hahah,he has got an enemy again. XD
Good,pet society is on. :)
I am going to Sunway Pyramid again tomorrow.^^
I knew why my friends said that 1U is boring ad...
I went there twice and I realised that I have nothing to buy ad.
Hahah,I need a skirt,a top or a pant and a dress more.
Thanks daddy and mummy~ X3
Ate til very full ah...After I finished my art class just now,I felt very very hungry.
However,mummy wanted to go to a place so she brought me along with her.
Aiks,felt my hunger longer. Xo
Did some hand art in art center today.
Err...something happened when I was doing my work...
Bcuz I am the eldest there and I did thingy quite well,and I helped the kids,so they started to 'admire' me. =.=
Mr.chin siad,'Stephanie,you have become the star and idol for primary students.'
I was like 'O.O',what??
What happened?? Oh my,I feel old.
Anyway,thank you children.^^
There's a seminar thingy for AJK for Prefects,PRS and PPS just now.
We were divided into 6 groups and I was the presenter of group 5.
I was kinda nervous so my English was very 'cake'. .>o<.
I forgotten whether steal or stole is past tense or present tense ad.
Embarassing! X'O
I also did practised the New Year sketch just now.( Skipped my moral class! XD )
Hate homeworks on weekends. HATE.
Hopefully I can finish all of them by tomorrow morning cuz I will be going out tomorrow afternoon! XD
Okie okay,it's time to say bye.
Gotta go,bye bye~
P.S. Happy sweet seventeen Chung❤



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