Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Need You

Who has a printer??!
Hey doggs,stop barking! Let me concentrate to continue blogging!
Jackee!!! Doggies!!! >o<
Please~ Let me meet the owner of the colour printer,I promised I will treat you makan banyak banyak! XO
It's raining again now,GOOD.
The weather was so HOT again,I mean everyday is also the same. :s
Guess what we did for PJ class today?
We played netball! XD
Puan Amu seperated us into 2 groups of 10 peepoo,10 5A team peepoo + 10 5B team peepoo.
My name started with 'C' so I was in the first match.
Gosh...something 'GOOD' happened at the moment the game started. =.=
The ball hitted ngam ngam on my head when the game just started whthin 5 seconds!
I was like...laughing like mad peepoo and feel very paiseh. Hahah!!!
Hit me head in 5 seconds the game started! ARGH!
Btw,I feel like useless when I was in the 'ball war'.
I couldn't play and even catch the netball nicely.
What I did was...I hitted the ball away from me when it reaches me.=o=
What the horse was I doing??! HUH?
The second match was very cute because of JingYing and Carmen.
JingYing's movements was so cute and she can get the ball for many times when the peepoo passed the ball to her.
However,she couldn't make any score...>.<
Hahah,Carmen was the star today.
She managed to catch many many times of the netball because of her height and her long arms. XD
When the ball was being passed,she can catch it very easily.
That was just so great,incredible. XXD
I did my English oral test with my partner Vege today with Miss Tang.
The title of our oral was 'The importance of food'.
We did memorised but...We were too nervous...>.<
She forgot the last sentence of her dialogue and I?
I keep on adding words into my sentences which weren't necessary. =.=
I have tried many times to cope with her and we did them successfully but when I was facing Miss Tang,pop,everything gone crazy and I felt nervous.
I can even feel my heartbeat!
Anyway,I am relieved,my BM and BI oral were done. :)
Wow,thunder! >.<
Dear,where are you... :(
Homework...I hate you!!!
Have to duty tomorrow,hopefully tomorrow will be fun!^^
Okie okay,that's all for now.
Thunder,shoe shoe!
Go away!!!
Buoi buoi~ ^^


you're the best thing I never knew I needed

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