Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teeth Check

Okay...We have done a small little tiny Bio test in class just now.
It's the factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis and!
The factor was -- Carbon Dioxide.
Oh my gosh,there're only light intensity which is the only esperiment in Success.
Hahah,luckily I remember about the Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate solution thingy,otherwise,kek!
Mati. XD
Bro's having a stomach problem,PAIN.
He problably ate the wrong food in the school just now after teachers' makan besar.
They could not finish them so they asked the students who were my bro and duno whoelse to finish them??
Okay,he's having a great stomachache now,how?
Aiks,never see him that suffer before,got la,but very seldom. :S
Hopefully he will get well soon. :)
Checked our teeth during Miss Tang's class at the fifth period.
I was about to laugh when it was my turn,I mean when I was lying on the 'chair-bed thingy' cuz the light was so bright until I could not tahan and almost burst into laugh.
I wonder why was I 'smilling',the nurse asked me to open my mouth wide and I wanted to laugh! XD
Registered for the Tesco fun Walk which is going to be held on 7 of March 2010.
It's a SUNDAE!!! XD
It's walk la man,WALK.
I thought it was the Dataran Merdeka Run and I wanted to join it so so much!
But it's over ad,on last Sundae.
Cheh,bro told me the wrong thing. :O
The weather is super duper HOT like a stove.
I am still sweating although I am in the air-conditioned room.'s killing me.
Okie,that's all for today.
Gotta duty tomorrow,lazy. =o=
Bye peepoo~


Gotta eat less from now onwards! XO


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