Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Tiger Year a.k.a Happy Valentines

Happy New Year + Happy Valentines peepoo! XD
Ouch,stomach pain after drinking PoP.
HMPH! I don't wanna drink you ad! XO
Pain ah...T_____T
Woke up late this morning.
When I got down to the kitchen,everybody had their morning breakfast excluded me.
Slept at 2.30am this 'morning',hahah...
Went to temple to baibai last night and the ceremony begun late so it's ad 1++ when we got back home.
Yesterday night was the reunion dinner,I saw the BIg BIG thing ad. XD
As what I said,yee yup,I fat ad.
Hahah! So fast! XP
Valentines day...our first valentines = CNY. T_______T
Happy valentines oh,my dear.^^
You're the best thing I never knew I needed.
Celebrate CNY with the 2 little devils bah,hahah! -^^-
Yeah~ Can wear lengleng tomorrow. :D
Hahah,I am going to wear the Nichii yellowish-green little dress tomorrow.^^
Okie,that's all for now.
Wishing all of you a BIG happy CNY & a SWEET valentines.

My heart is wherever you are.


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