Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oh yeah,went to 1U again today.
Actually,I wish to go to Sunway Pyramid and mum said that it is too far so... :'(
Ahh,yea,I did had a BIG BIG dinner last night. XD
I will upload the pics by tomorrow.^^
Thought that I could sapu many things today but...okay okay only.
What makes me happy was -- finally,I managed to get myself a pair of flats! XP
It was a pair of dark brown flats and uhh...
I don't know how to describe it. :P
Besides,I bought a top from G&H ( ma so + very favorite ❤ ) + 2 doll stands.^^
That's all from 1U.
I wanted to buy a very beautiful roses dress from Fashion Supermarket but it's to expensive! .><.
It's dam dam dam nice,I ❤ it sooo much but mum was like,'NO.'
Heart broken. T_____T
Will upload the photo I took in the changing room by tomorrow as well. :)
Dress,I love you! X'O
Recently,I fall in ❤ with a song by One Republic -- 'all the right moves'.
It's so nice and I ❤ the MV,it's so beautiful and mystery.
Btw,I haven't done any of Miss Tang's homework yet cuz I have been going out these days so...I am dead.
Better go get one of them done right now,the 'chocolate.'
So...good night and sleep well tonight and may have a nice dream.


all the right moves is ❤

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