Friday, January 15, 2010

What I Need Is Time

Time time,I need you badly.
Please run slower so that I can catch you.
Okay,this is my plan.
I will start revising Physics today and hopefully I can finish 2 chapters.
Good luck Steph! X)
Hahah,something happened to me when I was bathing just now.
My specs dropped on the floor accidentally and one of the lens came out from the frame ad. Xo
I was trying to fix it but I can't.
Anyway,I did managed to SAVE it from it's death.
Walao eh,boring lah.
Today's Yenping's brithday,Happy sweet seventeen to her. :) *claps*
Okay,I think I better go for revision...
So...bye people,take care. :) :)
Erm...remember to study. XD


buoi buoi.

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