Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fart King Part II

I will find your book! At least one! For sure!
Okay,back to the show.
He farted again,in the class when we were having Sejarah class. DAM smelly.
Even YewJoe & Suren ran away from their seats. =o=
YeowXin & I were covering our nose like...Oh my,can he stop polluting the air?
If I am one the government,I will fine him one million US dollar for sure.
HMPH!!! Air polluter! >M<
By the way...Puan Jayanthi teaches very fast,dam FAST.
I cannot follow what she was teaching cuz I can't find where she was.
I hope that I can catch up with her one day. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Zhuzhu,gambadeh! XD
Go gogo! X3



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