Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year

How did I celebrate my new year? yes,shopping.
It has been a tired day cuz...I was out for more than 10 hours.
We - cousins,brothers,parents,uncle and aunt and grandma went to Sunway Pyramid to get something new for ourselves.
First,we went to a coffee shop to had our breakfast,then we moved our body to the Sunway Pyramid nearby.
I do get something for myself,love them much.^^
I get myself a white pants from SEEa dress and a small coat from Nicchi and a top from PDI.
I love the dress and it cost 'beautiful' too...Thanks dad! X)
Yay,I am going to overnight at cousins' house again tonight!
Thanks to Mi-2. She helped to 'persuade' my parents to let us stay here again for a night.
I am still in my holiday mood,I don't wanna go back to school.
I don't wanna face the coming pressure and coming exams,I am scared.
Hopefully I will change my weaknesses this brand new year,I wanna become more mature,and a better person.
I hope that everyone beside me will stay healthy and happy everyday.
Please smile,forever and always.
Remember to take care and treat nicely to your loved ones,make them happy always.
I wanna make sure that everyone beside me are happy everyday.
I want you to be happy and healthy,I wish I could make you happy everyday.
Just want you to know that...
Yi qie jing zai bu yan zhong.
Happy 2010 people.
Take care and prepare yourself to return to school.
Good luck to all the form 5s'!



P.S. I L O V E Y O U .

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