Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wakaka :D

Hot day is today. HOT! XO
School was peace,however,I could not really concentrate on what the teachers were talking about.
Besides,I couldn't really see the white board clearly.
The relfection of light made the words on the white board become so blur.
Happy happy happy~ I am going to Sunway Hotel to have my buffet dinner on this Saturday~!!! XD
Oh yeah,long time didn't go ad,I can't wait to eat those yumyum there! X3
Btw,I was kinda happy cuz dad was thinking of buying more new clothes for me as mine is still not enough yet.
Yes,they are not satisfying me,not now.
Grrr...Stupig pet society again. =o=
Went back home with a friend's mother.
She said that I am thinner ad,hahah! I was so happy! XXD
Was rushing to complete Puan Haris's work before attending her class.
Err hem! I wrote an essay entitled 'Obesity' but what she want isn't an essay!
She wants the contents only!
I should have done my shower if I knew it earlier.
Nevermind. Hahah.^^
Gonna rush doing Sejarah notes and exercises later.
Have to hand them in by tomorrow.
Dinner's done but I am still full,so...later bah.^^
Oh yeah,pet society is on! XP
Hmm...I guess that's all for now.
Take care peepoo,drink more water cuz it's hot. :)



Err...Haven't done yet! XD Hahah!!!
Forgot to upload soemthing.
Hahah! I did something funny and crazy. XXD

I ♥ this the most. XD

Looks like my dad is addicted to paint my house. :s
Poor kakak. :D
Okay,that's all for now. Enjoy.^^
Tata~ Tootoo~ Teetee~ Toto~ Byebye~



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