Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Comin Back

School is reopen tomorrow.
I haven't prepare anything yet,cuz I don't know what to prepare.
This so called 'long-term' holiday is so short,even my mum said so.
Hopefully this new year will be a great and lucky year for me. :)
A friend of grandpa came just now. It's a she.
She came from Shanghai and we talked a lot.
She loves to smile and her voice is very nice.^^
And now,she went back to grandpa's house after having our dinner together just now.
She's going back to Shanghai this coming Friday,I will miss her.^^
P.S. our names are quite alike. :D
She added me in Facebook and MSN also. We still can contact each other often.^^
Take care,sis.
Attended tofay's art class cuz I skipped the class yesterday.
I spent 3 hours to finish the paint,it's long enough.
I did not have the mood to paint today,I spent a lot of time on drawing and sketching.
The teacher is a new one,so I feel like...
He keep on looking at my paint so I feel pressure.
Usually,I will paint the people first,background last.
But this teacher's style is opposite with mine,so I feel kinda weird when I was painting it.
Anyway,I did finished it quite okay... :D
Okay,that's all for now.
Nothing special.
Duh...stupid bro. Shut up.
Gotta go,good night.
Have a nice school reopening tomorrow.


P.S. goodluck Steph! Have a great form 5! XD

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