Thursday, January 28, 2010


When 4A and B were having PJ just now,some incidents happened suddenly.
Xueren's right tight was having a cramp or muscle thorn thingy.
And she looked very painful! X(
Hopefully she feels better now. Take care ah! Xo
The other one was Karyee's case.
She was nearly fainted and her face and lips were so pale. O.O
Argh,must take good care of yourselves yea.^^
Today was a super duper hot day again.
Saw Emily's mum on 'The Star'. Beautiful! XD
Did not take my lunch today cuz wasn't feeling hungry.
It wasn't look like me,normally I will eat no matter what.
Good,it is a good sign. :D
Attended violin class just now. Quite peace.^^
Btw,teacher skipped 2 new songs and want me to continue playing the third one cuz both of the past songs aren't nice.
'Not nice at all!' That's what she said. :P
Hahah,she praised that I am pretty. XD
Hahah!!!!! She also wanna introduce me 2 handsome guys who are leaning piano from her too! XD
Hahah,I was so delighted but...
Sorry guys. O U T !
I am satisfied with what I have now.^^
Miss Tang gave us many essays today,3 of them!! XO
1 DW,1 CW and 1 erm...a printing of Califirnia's Baja thingy.
ARGH...Hopefully tomorrow will a better day,I wanna concentrate on my studies!
I just can't control my mind these days.
Hard to study + lazy to complete my homework.
I am dying... T________T
Delighted cuz having a buffet dinner this Saturday!!! It's coming! XD
Sorry honey,be guaiguai and stay at home. XP
Daddy's listening to Chinese New Year's songs.
It's still 2 - 3 weeks to go on and he's listening them now??
'Daddy,why are you listening them so early? You won't sien listening now until the Chinese New Year arrives meh??'
'No la,where got?'
=.= As he like. :p
I couldn't find a white abit high heels...Hopefully I managed to get one for myself before next Monday.
Pet society is having a problem again. GRRR... >.<
Okay,I think that's all for now.
Best wishes to my friends -- snowgirl + CarE.
Will & DO miss you.
I want Fillet-o-fish! X3
Buoibuoi and good night.^^



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