Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gotta Live Like You're Dying

Hot hot hot~!!!
Look at the sky,it's burning hot! Xo
I am now in my grandma's house near Sunway Pyramid doing blogging.
Took a kinda heavy lunch -- milk + cereals + porridge = full.
Attended 10am's art class just now.
Guess what were we doin?
Yee yup,we were doin sketching. :)
This was my first time drawing sketching a human being -- my art teacher Mr.Chin.
First,he showed us the technique on how to sketch the face included the eyes,the nose,the mouth,the hair and bla bla bla.
After that,we started to sketch him.
I spent almost 100 minutes to finish it. doens't look alike with Mr.Chin. Hahah. :P
I was his model after that,cuz he wanna show the coming students the techniques to sketch a human being.
I was like...zzzzz...=.= I wanna sleep ad...
I sat on the chair on half and hour staring at the 福 word which was pasted on the door,keep on controlling myself not to fall asleep until he finish drawing 'me'.
I asked him to give it to me after he done and he agreed. XD
Anyway,I don't think that it does relly look like me.
Nevermind,thanks Mr.Chin. :]
Happy cuz goin to have a BIG BIG meal soon! XD
I will do wht I will do as usual.
My aim -- EAT!
Muahaha!!! I just lovee this weekend.^^
Okie,that's all for now I guess.
Gonna dugest the food in my tummy faster so that I can add more food inside it.
Gambadeh stomach. XD Go go go!
Miss Tang's homework...matilah aku. T_____T
So...I will eat behalf on you and bye bye peepoo! X3


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