Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get Off Crazy

It's been crazy days from yesterday night and a little bit of today.
It's alright,I know it will be.
Oh owh,someone is going to work tomorrow,all the best for the first day working darlin!
Moody may be the perfect word to describe me now.
Homework like mountains.
Anyway,I know that I sure can get through it. :)
Gambadeh dear! XD
Puan Haris's class was very packed just now.
All of us sat like we're having a picnic in a small room.
And then...something happened to me in Facebook just now...
Stupid JERK,get out from my sight!!!!!!
Don't you ever come and find me again,I will chop off your tut! XO
I dare you!
Trust me,he,is a wolf.
Hopefully my lisan tomorrow will be fine,hopefully everything is fine tomorrow.
Hahah,I spoiled my lisan just now...Luckily the bell rang and it saved me!
Thanks bell bell! X3
Actually,I dod prepared the lisan,but I was too nervous until I forgot what is the first word in the first paragraph.
Hah,embarrased. -=.=-
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care people.
I love you.


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