Monday, January 25, 2010


Great,I am feeling sleepy.
Went to Kalye's house just now,to do some buisness. :D Thanks dear!❤
S L E E P Y ~ Feel like wanna sleep all the time,but my hair isn't dry. :(
I think I better get onto my bed earlier tonight.
Ate a plate of chicken rice + bavarian ( YUM~❤ ).
Alright,we are done with our first intervensi,moral.
Err...Okay...Puan Thillai should tell us that we have to memories bidang 5 also...
Anyway,hopefully my answers will be correct as I tembak the nilai 'menghormati hak pengguna' or actually 'melindungi hak pengguna'.
I think I wrote the wrong thing. :s
Stupig pet society again. :(
What games can I play?? Mngh mngh,who knows.
Violin? Lazy.
Tuition homework? Walao,not today.
Dinner? Not prepared.
Sleep? Hair isn't completely dried up.
Pc? Nothing to do except blogging.
Oh yea! Goody Books! XD I am going to finish the novel later.
The author is Low Kay Hua,a famous Singapore novelist. The book,'I believe'.
By the way,took an super duper ugly photo in class just now.
I should not act like Bruce Lee. =.= It's too lateee!!! XO
Mee,please kindly delete it,please~ X'( brother is bathing with his phone in the toilet.
I mean...he is listening to 'fireflies' when he is bathing in the toilet.
He is still inside the toilet. :P Hahah. XXD
I wish that...I am inside a shopping mall now,eating yumyum cheesy cake + any chocolate cocoa drinks + taking stupig and funny pics + buying clothes + SHOES! + Pet's world. :D I miss the Golden Retriever! X3
Talk about dogs...I said that I am going to raise BIG BIG dogs right?
Okay. I am going to pick BIG BIg one right now.

First choice -- Bernice Mountain Dog ( CUUTTTEEEE!!!!!❤ )

Second choice -- Labrador ( Handsome ❤ )

Third choice -- Golden Retriever ( one of my favorite ❤ )

Forth choice -- English Sheepdog ( Dam fluffy! ❤ )

Fifth choice -- Chowchow ( I'm ❤in it! XP )

Okay lah,enough lah. I am just dreaming only.
Dinner~~~ Where are you~~~
Okay,that's all for now.^^ Grrarr! Hahah!!! XD
Looking forward for the coming Monday. :)
Buoi buoi tata.


I heart my hair ❤

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