Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 200th Post

Wakaka,congratz Steph! You have achieved the 200th post in your life! XD
Muahaha,I was kinda shocked cuz...How did I managed to achieve this number within months?
Err...5 months? I don't know. :s
Today is been a kinda not bad day in school.
I had my duty today and it is obviously better than Thursday.
At least I have Mii Xiao,Sweet Yee,Yen Ping here.
Besides,we have some special guests here -- Xinyan,Cat,Pearly and Ziying.^^
We had our lunch all together at the canteen and almost all of us taken 'Maggi goreng'. XD
Anyway,the maggi goreng was dam salty.
I ordered maggi goreng kurang masin but it is still very masin. =.=
I don't wanna eat you ad,so expensive. =o=
Oh my,finally,I can reopen Pet society ad! XD
However,the things this week aren't nice. The beach theme. :(
Had fun during Chemistry period.
We were conducting an experiment and some of us even made 'Water festival'. XD
Err...It was like this.
We need to fill in the water into the pippette until we get the reading of 50.
So,when I was ( P.S. I was the first water festival creater ) filling the water into the pippette,suddenly the water 'fly' out ( splash lah =.='' ) and it was like raining! XD
It was so FUN! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! XXD
Look,if the speed of the pippette to be filled fully with water is very fast ( means if the water is coming out from the pipe at a high speed ),the water will fly out cuz the pippete is under a high pressure as the head of the pipe was enclosed with the opening of the pippete.
Get it?? :D
Wakaka,after that,Shanhoe,Shahrul and Xinyan made water festival too! XD
I was so happy,hahah! XP
I wanna play it again this Friday. C:
Shahrul was acting like Mr.Yap again today.
He even went out from the class and see Miss Tang with his pants high up.
=.= No eye see.
Okay,I am being the AJK Sivik suddenly.
I had never been any AJK subjects before,err...I did. Once as AJK PJ.
Searching for white shoe shoe,slightly high will do.
C'mon peepoo,tell me if you have one! X)
Had lotsa fun at school today,love it.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the same too.^^
That's all for now.
Happy 200th post.
So...TaTa peepoo,sleep well tonight.



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