Thursday, January 21, 2010

I ♥ To Sleep

Muahaha,I can sleep well from today onwards! XD
Since I am not taking Chinese,so I am not going to school tomorrow.
Wishing all of you luck! Will pray hard for you guys! X3
So...I am free tomorrow.^^
No,I am not. I am booked. :)
Argh...I am FULL.
I was dam dam hungry just now so I ate a small bowl of rice,but a BIG HUGE LARGE XXXL plate of dee err....lauk-pauk. XD
My pig stomach is bloated ad. XP
Wakaka,I was very high when I was doing Maths paper just now.
I finishes it quite fast but I was worried cuz many people are still doing and looking at their papers but me...
I did it with a fast speed,my writings were...erm...not that tody and I am still wondering why...
Maybe I wanna get back home and have a nice sleep? :D
I did have a nice sleep,I slept at 2 after I ate my lunch after coming back from school.
I did not bath when I get onto my bed. XD
I slept after finish doing Maths.
When the bell rang,I woke up like...
My hair was messy and my fringe was covering my face and my eyesight and...
I could not open my eyes. =.=
I need to sleep. That's all. :D
Paiseh lah,when I woke up with my hair messy and my face like... =.=
'What's the time now? Exam over?'
Wakaka,muahaha,still quite high.
Hmm...Okay,that's all for now.

I wish all my taking Chinese friends GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST tomorrow! X3
I will miss you de,don't worry. - to my darling vege Yeowxin♥

Okaee,byebye. :)



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