Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buakaka Muahaha

Attended the earliest art class today at 10am.
There were only 5 of us including me plus -- a form 3 girl,a 11 years old girl and 2 little naughter fellas.
The 2 minkeys were very very dam noisy and they keep on laughing like they never laughed before.
I don't know what were they laughing for,but what's so funny?
Mr.Chin had warned them and scolded them for many times but they were still laughing like they never did before.
Anyway,they are cute! XD
There are some funny incidences I would like to share.
Muahaha,when Mr.Chin was doing something,he left his cupboard opened.
Then,they took some of his things and they even played with them. O.O
Walao,stupid question from Facebook.
Erm...Continue. :D
When teacher saw them touching and playing with his things,he was mad and scolded them.
He said,'How could you guys took my things without my permission?'
Then suddenly,one of the monkey said,'What is "PERMISSION"?'
How cute is he!!! XD
I was laughing and wanted to burst ad,so CUTEE! XDD
Then another monkey said,'"PERMISSION",is either he let you do or don't.'
Hahah!!!!!!!!! So funny! XD
Other incidences...Forgotten,buahaha. :P
Thristy lah...:s
After that,I went to school for some thingy after taking my shower.
The afternoon was HHOOOTTTT.
I was like...taking the second shower. =.=
I 'ran' to the school cuz...My mum was stucked in a BIG traffic jam.
And that's not fun,I had to walked + ran under the hot sun with a small thin umbrella.
Rihanna,please borrow me your umbrella next time. XD
Erm...Please try on tomatoes + Sunsweet prunes,not bad. :)
Okay,gtg,dinner's seducing me.
Buoi-buoi peopoo!!!



Moo~ I'm the dragon.

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