Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm mentally prepared :)

I'm mentally prepared for the camp tomorrow.
Wahaha,I am bringing a lot of stuffs,my poor lugage. >.<
This time,we are lucky enough because we will sleeping in air-conditioned dorms.
I heard that the beds are all double decker.
EEE,nevermind,I will bring my own blanket. ^^
Hopefully all of us will have fun there.
And please,I hope that I will not get dark... :S
Dear,take care of what you eat oh,don't let the itch torture you. :(
Bought a new 'top' from Szeyan.
Actually it is a dress is short for me,heheh. :P
So,that's how it looks when I get onto my body.


It's a lil bit tight but it's alright,
I gotta keep fit hahah :D

That's what I had for lunch.
No wonder I am so hungry now :P

Pray hard for the absent of leeches tomorrow.

That's all for now,ciaoz



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