Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't wait!

Can't wait for the camp!
Wakaka it's going to be fun,fun & FUN. O.O
Although I'm kinda scared of the leeches ( I wonder whether there are any ),night sence & flying fox.
Hopefully the rope or the string or whatever will not break when I am 'flying'. XD
Kinda scared of height,but that's not really neight phobia but still...
The camp shirt has been distributed & we are divided into groups of 8.
I was very shocked when I heard my name being called within one minute!
I'm in the very first group. =.=
But but but,YEOW XIN is with me!
Wahaha we are true friends! XP
Teachers said that we are going to sleep together with our group mates.
What?? Guys & girsl will be sleeping together in a dorm??
Eee,I wanna sleep with my crazy friends. :(
Had fun in school today.
Puan Jayanthi did not come again today,woohoo :D
Chatted a lot with Xinyan,Caca,Cat & Karyee.
Catherine was our birthday candle! XD
Will be having Add Maths tuition later,haven't done his homework yet cuz I don't know how to do :X
Sheath my Add Maths really sucks.

Okie,that's all for now.
Chow chow



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