Friday, July 2, 2010

Save them. Please.

Thought that I will be sitting in the class until the recess time bell rang but nope.
I was helping them to clean bilik masakan.
Was shocked and became stoned when I stepped myself into it.
WHOA! It was a BIG mess! XO
I was like...okay now,how are we suppose to CLEAN this mess?
EEEK! The dishes & stuffs weren't being washed nicely,all of them were still oily & we had to wash some of them again to make sure that they are clean enough.
The toilet! My God! It was as smelly & stink as the public toilet in KL city!
Couldn't breathe when I was washing the stuffs inside. @.@
Enjoyed takling & chit chatting with people after that.
The tea was...Hahah,it tasted quite odd actually. XD
Daddy & mummy did not came for my report card today as they are not convenient with it.
Dad has work,mum's outstation.
I miss mummy!
Glad that she will be back by tomorrow night from Hapzai. :D
I wanted to go home so so badly & so!
I asked potato's mum to take my report card for me. Wahaha. :P
Thanks for helping me aunty! I owe you big time!
I got back home at 11am,thanks again for fetching me home,Pei Queen's mum.
Saw 4 stray dogs when I was heading to YouLee stationary shop just now.
They were all skinny & black,all afraid of me.
Perhaps they were been bullied by someone heartless & cold blooded.
They wanted to stay away from me when I was going near towards them.
I didn't mean to hurt you guys,really.
I smiled at them & they looked at me.
I was sad,for seeing them like skeletons.
The only female dog was the skinniest,I can even see the shape of her rid cage.
I have a dream.
I wanna help stray dogs by leeting them to stay in a big dog 'farm'.
I will take care of them,feed them,clean them & love them.
If I have that much of pitis,I will do it.
I will.
Was kinda doing art project's stuffs just now.
Argh,I was bored for drawing 16 same car stickers.
I did really got bored,imagine,it was 16! >.<
Teehee,can't wait to see him.^^
Will be meeting him again very soon.
:D :D :D
See ya guys. Have a nice weekend.
& love the animals.

Please save me.


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  1. heyyy min hua, carmen here!!
    i come view ur blog lerh~ xD