Sunday, July 11, 2010

Durian Fiesta XD

OMG I ate 13 durian!
That was not my highest record,it was 14.
I am going to continue eating durian tonight as dinner,perhaps.^^
Crazy mey waka waka.
Actually my whole family were suppose to go to PD Lukut together for durian but we ended up staying at grandma's house cuz the boys were lazy & I am still having an undone art project,to be done.
Oh yeah,front page & content page left.
Went to a quite-nice condo this afternoon.
Hmm...Not bad. :D
Took pics again.


I look like...a physco. =.=

Durian durian! XD

Otaku fat wei!

The house is now full of 'durian's sweet scent'.
The smell is soooo heavy. =o=
I'll have to drink more water to avoid from falling sick.
Dear,must drink more water also oh,I bet you have 'consumed' a lot of durian just now as well! :D
Oh! It's FIFA world cup tonight!
I am going to watch it,I don't care HMPH.
Gotta go,ciaoz darlins!♥


Paul,I believe you,go Spain.

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