Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

Watched Eclipse with him today.
Finally,I get to watch it after waiting until my neck got long.
 Aww Giraffe! XD
The movie wasn't bad.
Most of the storyline's talking about love.
Edward proposed to Bella,I mean romantically,for me.
The ring's beautiful & BIG,attitude.
Anyway,I think that she shouldn't have been falling in love with 2 men.
Love,more love?
Pity Edward for having a pain in his heart.
Bella,you have made a good choice.
Edward's the one.
Teehee :P

Went to DPC after the movie.
Spent more than one & a half hour there.
We saw many DOGS,guess what's the number of dogs we saw?
At least 21 or more!
The dogs are all very cuteeeeee~
There're 2 like which look very much like balls.
There's one who wore shoe shoes.
And there's 3 which follow their masters without being tied around the neck.
How cute they are!
I am going have my own dogs in the future.
No,it's ours. :)

Look,my dad's half naked lying on his big bed,
& his big tummy. =.=
I would not allow my future husband to have such BIG tummy.
Dear,cannot ah,you have to remain slim always ah.

Oh my dad just hugged me like he never hug anyone else before.
Go hug mummy =o=

That goes my lovely day,chow

Dear,I love you.

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