Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yay :D

Yay,I am very happy today bcuz all food has been sold out!
I was in fear that the tomyam bihun will be left out a lot cuz the second pot of soup came very late.
Aha,we dropped the price down to RM1.50 then to RM1.
Happy hour begun! XD
Woohoo~! When all the tomyam nihun was sold,everyone of us were so happy & glad!
Phew,thanks a lot guys,all of us had worked really hard these days.
Finally,we can get to rest without standing in the oily steamy kitchen.
I missed a lot of classes! >.<
Erm...we met.^^
Missed him a lot these days,hahah.
Oh no,I haven't touch my violin for a week since my previous class.
I've got my new spec!

He keep on praising me & keep on say bad things about whitie ( my previous white spec ).
HMPH,hahah. XP
Oh well,gotta go,ciaoz peeps.



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