Friday, July 9, 2010

We are retired! XD

After a several months of being a part of the AJK board,finally,we are retired.
I felt happy but at the same time weird.
Perhaps I am kinda sad for leaving the school soon.
Awww,I felt old.
Will miss my pose. :(
Was getting crazy in the meeting,trying to make some noise & cheer.
The new board has now announced & people,I will miss you.
Every single one & every single you. :)
Don't worry Puan Hamidah,I will miss you too.
The new president is Nur Syahirah.
She cried when her name was announced just now.
Don't cry babe,be tough & have faith cuz you'll be the great leader of theirs.
We believe.
Took a number of pics in school just now as Yan brought her camera.
Memories are needed for me to be saved in my monitor,the brain.
Well,can't wait to have our dinner at Daorae tonight.
It will be the very first time I having Korean food.
They sounds nice,slurp yumyum. :P
Let's get the party started tonight,let's have fun!
I'm full,burb milk's fault! XI
Wanna change my blogskin,might be changing it soon.
Yay,I love changing my blogskin.
That's all for now,ciaoz peeps❤


Oh look! The new board is gotta treat us FOOD~!!!

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