Monday, August 2, 2010

Kem Kepimpinan 2010

Kem Kepimpinan was really fun.
It was different with the other camps I've been because we stayed in air-conditioned dorms & were served with tasty food.
I thought we will be going to be tortured by them again but nope,not really. :D
The environment wasn't bad except the 'bull shit' smell. :X
I was shocked when I know that we will be staying in air-onditioned dorms,that was the first time,hahah!
On Saturday morning,the buses came to school super late,DUH. =.=
We reached to our destination at 11am which were 2 hours late.
First of all,the facilitators there were very nice & fun.
I love Amelia & major Christopher,they were so cute & funny! XD
I thought major Chris is a very strict person,he's very TALLLLL & he is 47.
We were given tasks like forming gruop names,cheers & some mental indoor activities.
We had tea time & lunch & tea time again before the outdoor activities were started.
The 'dragon' game,'dutch lady toilet bang watermelon' game & 'mind your own business' game were so fun.
My body was soaking wet when we were playing 'mind your own business'. O.O
Those games were given points so we were actually competiting.
After taking our dinner,night sense /walk begun.
It was not as scary as I thought.
Not forget to mention that the dinner was delicious especially the chicken! XP
It was Miss Chai's birthday as well,so we threw her a suprise hihi.
Emily came into the mini hall with hands holding a cake & all of us stood up singing Happy Birthday song.
Miss Chai said that it was the most unforgettable birthday she ever had.^^
It was a heavy raining night,the wind blew strongly until I got fear.
Sofea,Peifenn,Chai,Shuting & me were making the car thingy in Chai's dorm.
We've finally done it at 12.45am & I got into bed at 1am plus plus.
Woke up in the midnight because I was too cold,the blanket was too thin.
The next morning,we started exercising at 7 in the rainy morning.
It was raining the whole night long,eee. :(
The exercises were killin' me,sit up & stomach muscle training were not my cup of tea. >.<
Besides jogging,we were avoiding ourselves from stepping onto the bullshits,too.
After breakfast,the fun & exiting activities got started.
My group -- 360 degree was the first to play wall climbing & abselling.
I was the first one who got onto the tower & but was the second one who got down.
I was afraid to make my first step so it took some time for me to start abselling.
When I was abselling,Chai,the person after me was cheering for me already,wow. =.=
Next,we played spider web.
It was really mind challenging,we have to plan good plans + teamwork in order to get through the small holes.
Wakaka,I am very happy that I got through a small hole successfully. Wahaha! XD
Upnext,there comes the acid pool.
We had to walk though a steel string by just holding a rope in front of us.
That was not easy because it involved a lot of steps,tough ones.
It's kinda dissapointed that we couldn't have enough time to play all the games.
All groups had missed one station,ours was the electric thingy game.
After showering & lunch ( chicken rice :D ),we went into the lecturer hall again.
This time,the groups were presenting their car projects & the teachers were the judges.
Before the whole session ends,the spokesperson from each group gave a short review about this camp.
Our spokesperson -- Ala aka Alagendra gave a good nice speech,I think that it was touching.
The same goes to other spokeperson as well. :)
Took a lot of pics before we leave.
Amelia was the light,she's everywhere. XD
My bear Berry had shown herself up too. XP
The bus as again LATE.
Irresponsible drivers,no businesses for you people again,not anymore HMPH!
I got back home at 8.30pm instead of 3 or 4 which were the predicted time.
My bones are still like...scattered all around,I was beat.
These are the pics I've taken,there's more on Facebook which were taken by the others. ^^

Chai & I

Our car car! XD

The dorms.

The tower.

My dorm.


That's mey >.<

Double deckers.

Major & me.^^

Puan Tehn!



Hey ma bear! XD

Videos will be uploaded tomorrow.
Art class now,chow~


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