Monday, August 30, 2010

Live life,love myself

Woke up early in the morning,as usual.
But I hate it.
Why couldn't I be a lil bit like him,I wanna sleep until the clock strikes 1200.
Stomach isn't feeling quite well,Diarrhea?
I think I'll be sitting on the toilet bowl for the third time soon.
I'm still eating sour prunes,I don't care.
I'm spending my 'beautiful' morning alone,watcing cartoons,stuffing sausages into my mouth,doing Mr.Fong's work.

Finally,I realised that I'm a really weak person,weak in heart.
I denied,but I have failed to do so.
I dream big,too big I guess.
Things which I expect do not become reality.
I'm making myself dissapointed and down,upset and moody.
I wish that there's somebody who can really know what I want and what I think of.
I wish that there's somebody who can be like me and treat me like how I treat myself,because that's what I've always wanted.
I want somebody who is perfectly,at least 85% understands me and grant me wishes romantically and unexpectly.
Oh look,I am dreaming again.
Such a day dreamer who hasn't repair her mind and herself up.
Selfish I am,impatient I am,crazy I am,foolish,yes I am.
Stop it,stop it!
They can't ruin my life!
I always thought that I am strong enough to face the world,but the world is fair,no one can ever escape from being hurt and feeling lonely.
These small little tiny things will not be the stones and rocks in my journey.
Obstacles,get off my way.
I will not fall nor shed any tears,tears?
I am made of water,what should I do?
Aha,let's play mind control game and I'll be able to control my mind.
My brain is not negatively charged,I wanna be positive and let things happen and flow.
Not under my control,because that what suffers me.
I don't know what I am writing now,I am kinda losing my mind.
But I know that I'll be alright.
And that's why I am glad,to have myself a happy-based person.

Love life,love him,love my family,love myself.

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