Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hari Koko '10

It was different,& fun.
Unlike last year's,kinda dull.
Woke up very early today.
Sheath I am getting used to wake up early these days.
My friends do call me as piggie but...
I do not look & live like a pig,at all.
Nevermind,I might be like one after SPM :P
The papan competition was okay,not bad.
I am satisfy for the overall product :)
Someone is absent in my sight today,sign...
Wahaha we danced chicken dance together in the tapak today! XD
We = the students + teachers.
That was cool & really fun :D
N2O's back.
Long time no see people,nice movements especially Chernkit's electric butt huh.
Went to art class atraight after school,was dam tired & sweaty.
I refused to finish my paint today because I am too tired.
Hence I have to go back & finish it tomorrow 10.
Violin class at 5,duh.
Was being scolded ( almost ) by Sherlyn.
She's unlike other teachers,gentle & patient.
I mean erm,she is quite gentle but...She has high requests.
I am regret for agreeting that I will be performing during SPM period.
I am not well prepared neither studies nor violin.
I suck :(
Anyway,looking forward for Wendy's party at de Pastry Chef tonight.
The theme tonight -- SUMMER BLOSSOM
Nah nah,this is our peice of work.

Miss Ju.

Miss Mei Chee.


Wow! Pweety! XD

The dance floor.

I did enjoy this Hari Koko,much.
The food,the performances,not bad.

Let my day be a sweet one,CHEESE~~




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