Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Baby

School was kinda bored.
Hopefully everything will be just fine tomorrow.
Wishing all the groups luck.

Went to 1U with Kalye & her mum staright after school for Wen's...
We had our lunch at Nyonya Colours,what I can say is
I am going to try that porridge next time :D

Nyonya kuih.

My Siam bihun + honey chicken.

Besides Wen's stuff,my mission is accomplished & we had our sweet time trying on clothes. XD
We went to Sommerset Bay,F.O.S,Promod,Topshop,Shura Uemura,Forever 21 & Zara.
Wahaha these were the clothes I've tried on.

*Sommerset Bay*

Look what've we done,the shapos were snapping pics! XD


LOVEEEEE this piece!❤❤❤


This wasn't bad.
Love it too❤


Mmmm,this is S but it's loose.
It's nice anyway :)


This is good :D
But I still prefer the very second piece from PROMOD teehee :P

& that's mey,the ori.

We came back at 5++ & I went to see Mimi & him.
People,this is MIMI~~~!!
Isn't it cute? XD


She loves me especially my erm...:P
She is very naughty,the pee on the floor when she got out from her mini cage.
HMPH,bad Mimi,bad girl!
Eee,she is soooooo cute.
Feel kinda sad when I left :'(

ARGH I have a lot of things to do,SHEATH.
I am going to burn midnight oil tonight.

Wish me luck & that's all for now so chow people remember to smile *wink* :)


I don't miss you & I really do

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