Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain rain go away

It was raining very heavily just now.
The thunder scared Ju & me & we screamed inside Physics lab.
That was soooo embarrasing! ->.<-
Finally,we had our PJ class today.
We played netball.
While waiting for our turn,we played 'monkey monkey'. :D
I wanted to play the 'toilet bang watermelon ducth lady' game but no time. >.<
Our team lost cham cham,5-0.

Carmen lo,so tall,hands long legs long body also long.
Hmph! Blek :P
Feel very sleepy in the class today,don't know why.
ARGH,a lot of stuffs are waiting for me to finish them,how am I going to plan my time?
Question mark.
C'mon Steph,you can do it :)

That's all for now,chow~



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