Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bikini's on top,HAH bluffing♥

Finally I had the chance to get myself into the pool.
I miss swimming very much! ><
Luckily I didn't forget my skills ( hah I won't forget,absolutely not ).
Well,I've decided to wear something covery instead of something NOT covery.
Straight downwards,no showing belly button or any inch of my waist.
AHA,that's it.

Long time no see,ma swimming suit!

Oh look! I've cut ma hair♥

Swimming alone isn't fun,not at all.
So if you're going to swim next time,remember to bring somebody along with you.
# To prevent yourself from being bored til death #
Gotta start working on my tuition homework later.
I don't wanna be killed.
Enjoy your Sundayzzz peeps!


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