Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy bunny year ;)

I am still in CNY mood,lol. This CNY is too short,many people have to start schooling & working. My dad told me that next year will be even worse because CNy is on 23th January. How early! Anyway,the timing of next year's CNY isn't bad,we can get 9 days of holiday ;) 

Oh well,it's been quite a long time I hadn't update my bloggie. I am lazy. I enjoyed this CNY much. Aww it's so sad that I couldn't finish wearing all my new clothes,HAHAHA! XD I tried my best to wear all of'em but still...nevermind. 

As usual,all my uncles & aunties of paternal side came to my house on new year eve & first day of new year. My dad's the eldest son,that's why. Mum & grandma's busy cooking,pity them :( We only know how to eat,hahah. On the second day of new year,we start visiting friends & family. There's a custom that each family has to return to maternal side's home on 年初二,which is the second day of new year. ARGH I am just too lazy to write,I shall post all those pictures then ;) *wink*

I like this shot.
by daddy

My mischevious cousin sis LOL

New year eve.

Wishing you a prosperous & auspicious & happy new year ;)

New year dishes,yumyum~

The 'kids' lol XD

On the next day...
We went visiting friends & family.

Aunt Kang Hui,aunt Kang Ling,mummy,aunt Jenny

Mummy & I 
We are hawt! XD
& I  her.
*I think I looked like British flag,lol*

A group photo before leaving.

Visiting a friend...

Me,my brother Anthony,my friend Josephine.
We have bunny ears! 

Josephine & I.

Family picture.

My bag & my specs,my love 

On 年初三...

Outfit of the day.
Nice bo? :D

Daddy & mummy 

Hey boy.

Act cool =3=

Dad's shot.

I really like this XD

Lou sang with relatives.

Meet my cute & obedient cousins,Julian & Amelia! :D

Group pic.

My face turned >> O.O when I saw this.
How creative hahahahaha! XD

Buffet dinner in Palace of the Golden Horses,again =.=

Cousin Flora & I 

Group pic.

Family pic.

Act cool XD

Jade horse.

Gold VS jade.

Here comes the crazy people.

We had a lot of poses. 
This is the first one.

A normal one.

We have bunny ears for bunny year!

This is classic! XD

Cool huh? :P

Does he look like a mermaid? ^^

Mummy & daughter,LOL! :P

Steph in pyjamas.

Family pic.
I like this ^^

Outfit of the day,年初四.

We had dim sum for lunch,yumyum!

Visiting a friend.
Meet Jovi the dog. 
He's so fluffy & I'm gonna die! XD

My fb profile picture lol.

Had dinner with friends on 年初五 night.

They were just awesome!
Visit 靓汤一族 in Selayang,the food price are reasonable & the most important thing is --
The food tasted will feel like you're in heaven! XD

On 年初六.
An outing with friends to DPC.

Was he trying to scare me? 
lol =.=

Group pic.

Edited by miss Emily Liew.
I likey 

On 年初七.
A date with my boyfie @Sunway Giza mall.
Lunch in Fullhouse,my treat.

Soup of the day -- pumpkin cream soup.
Not my fav :X

Meet my boy Benjamin

Spot his top,'BEST BOYFRIEND' :P

My dori fish.

His kiddy meal,chicken burger.
*don't hit me dear* XD

I love your smile :)

Can't wait to eat! lol

My dear,my honey,my darling,my hubby,my salt,my man,my love,my berry ;)

Chubby face.

 Our precious moment together 

I am going to UK tomorrow,& I'll be there for a month. I am reluctant to leave here,to leave my friends,my family,& you. It's a lil bit tough for me,for not seeing you & not having you by my side for a month. I don't know whether I can make it through or not,but I still have to. I have to be tough,I am not a little girl anymore,it's time for me to stretch my wings out & fly,to see & explore the world. It's a routine for me to see you every week,I cannot stand without seeing your face for more than...days? London is a far far away city,13 hours of flight,my first flight in my life. I am a lil bit afraid here,I wonder what city London is. Remember what you've promised me,e-mail me each & everyday,promise,it's our promise. I admit that I am a crying baby,I believe that I will cry for sure tomorrow. Can't wait to taste your spaghetti tomorrow,& remember,you are letting me to drive your car tomorrow :) The time difference is 8 hours,UK is 8 hours slower than Malaysia. So...I think I'll be sleeping when you're waking up. Anyway,I'll facetime or webcam with you whenever I've got a chance. I will enjoy myself there,and dear,you must take care. Eat proper meals,less maggi mee,& drink more water,sleep early. Night without texting with you is like a straw without berry. But I will feel you in my heart,whenever I miss you.

I love you. 
I love you.
I love you.
We are the perfect two.



  1. Awwww, yr CNY is so awesome. So many photos, and yeah I can't finish wearing my new clothes too teehee Anyway, take care while you're in London. We in innit will gonna miss you, a lot!

  2. Awww~ sweet couple. You're having holidays over there?? Alone or with parents?

    Anyway, take care, dear!! =]

  3. Hilda: thx dear!! I will miss all of you too! X)
    Kahmon: I'll be going there with my grandma and yeap,holiday ^^ Thx darling!
    Chuen: thx chuen,happy cny too! :D

  4. Enjoy your holiday at UK ! Take care ! =D

  5. wow, your mum is super young and pretty! So do you. =D Happy CNY to you again.

  6. wahhh.... Happy CNY~ and safe journey to UK ya~ enjoy looking angmo ^^

  7. yo junior! have fun in overseas yah! when u back to malaysia, beep me kay! haha nx yr lou sang better stick ur butt in m'sia :P

  8. Have fun in the UK. Don't worry about things back in Malaysia. Who knows...maybe you'll find a new "straw" to go with your berry. :-0


  9. Lol,thx everybody. Btw,I like my straw much and it's impossible for me to get a new one ;)