Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is a very delayed post,it should be posted weeks ago but I had no time to do so. Since I am having sem break now *bored till death*,alright then,let's do it ;) 

My 3D studies lecturer Mr.Khairul had an art exhibition in KLCC weeks ago. As his beloved,good and lovely students *cough XD*,of course we went there to support support! There're many creative arts and paintings in the studio,however,we were not allowed to take pictures,unless you went there on the opening day. Sigh,never mind. After that,we felt hungry *as always* and we have decided to take our late lunch in Chillis. I love Chillis,their food are always nice and tasty,I love the nachos most,besides,it is bottomless! XD

Pictures shall do the talkie talkie :3


My favorite nachos!!! Woots~ XD

Li Jun and Corlin.

YY and my meal,chicken something,forgotten the name,oppps :P

Sharen and Li Jun's fish something,hehehe forgot the name as well :P

YY look so 'yam',haha! XD

Sharen,Li Jun and Corlin.

Cute YY and me.

#1 innocent

#2 ki siao

#3 stupid

Awesome chocolate cake!
Terribly great!

These girls never seen cakes before,hahaha... XD

YY 'yam siu' XD

Sharen and I.

I wanna eat that cake and nachos again,muahaha :D Maybe someday,with my boyfie? :P Alright,that's all for now. Have to think of what to do for the next day,and next next day,and next next next day...

The new timetable is out. Hopefully the tutorial classes are NOT necessary to attend! FINGER CROSSED! >< 



  1. so you didnt makan anything? diet? such a good girl u are lmao :P

  2. So far I've ate chilis only once, not bad (: but a bit pricey for me.

  3. wanted to dine there last weekend, but too packed!

  4. i miss eating chilis! lovin' its bottomless! :D

  5. aww, the chocolate ice-cream looks nice :D