Monday, August 22, 2011

Sem 2 starts today!

I am very super duper hyper terribly exhausted. Today is the first day of school,err I mean the first day of semester 2. I purposely wear a new top and dressed nicely today because I wish to give people a good first impression :) Slept quite early last night but woke up very early this morning,I have problems of having good sleeps =.= 

Reached college at 8.30am as usual. Guess what? I lost my student id card and I couldn't find it T.T The thing is I didn't know when I lost it,sweat. Hopefully the school can replace a new one for me,FOR FREE :P finger crossed! The first thing I did when I reached school was to collect my results. I was kind of calm and I am quite happy that my results are okay. I got 2 Bs' among 6 subjects,and I got 4 as' for the others. Design Theory and Art history were really tough! >,< should have studied harder,sigh :( Viv has the highest JPA -- 3.68 in our class,I think so. Congrats to her! I am happy as well,although I got 2 Bs',but my JPA is not bad,I got 3.56! Hehehe! :P 

Today is really tiring. We had class from 10 to 6. It's my first time experiencing this kind of one row classes throughout the day. I had 3 classes today,my fashion teachers -- Mr.Es Azren and Miss Angelina didn't start teaching today,they just briefed us some intros about what we are going to do in the future. They are good lecturers,and they are friendly too ^^ Had Subway as lunch,kinda miss Subway in the holiday,lol. It was raining heavily and we had to 'run' back to our college from Subway =.= 

The next class started at 2pm. It's about photoshop and it was really really boring... I almost fall asleep in front of the uncle lecturer =.=" Luckily the last class -- critical studies which started at 4pm was quite interesting. It started with introducing ourselves and talk about our own interesting stuffs. There are 2 lecturers,one is Chinese and one is Malay. Both of them are funny and friendly. At first,I thought critical studies will be a really boring subject,but I feel lucky that I have such funny and interesting lecturers,the class will not be boring,I believe :)

The class finally ended at 6pm. I was so exhausted as I woke up very early this morning. I thought I will be stuck in the jam as 6pm is the peak hour,but it wasn't because Karina's mum took another short cut to go back. Surprisingly,I got back home within an hour,or ngam ngam an hour :P 

That goes the first day of my sem 2. Although it's tiring,but I enjoyed it :) Will be getting my own sewing stuffs and materials this Wednesday as Miss Angel is going to bring us to a shop to shop for them :P It's going to be exciting. Alright,that's all for now. Wow,I can't believe that I still have energy to blog so long because I am really tired,hahaha,very energetic huh? :P 

Will blog about chic pop next,stay tuned for it! Bye peeps ;)