Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black Swan presentation!

OHMAIGOD,it's the black swan presentation/sketch tomorrow! I am so nervous! All of us have spent a lot of money and time on the sketch preparation and finally...tomorrow is the day! I am playing the role of white swan. My friends and I have been making tutu skirt for white swan weeks ago,it's done now and it is very beautiful although it's a bit loose. The top is fabulous although the shoulder part is kind of ticklish because of the material used. Everything is done BUT I am not done with the dance steps yet! ARGH!

There is a part where I have to dance solo in the 'swan queen competition'. I haven't figure out the dance steps yet!!! I learned ballet when I was small before and now I am too stiff to dance. I am so nervous! Thank God I am able to adjust my time as I like,I will be dancing for 1 minute and 3 seconds,THAT'S ALL. Hopefully there will be no ballerina friends or students in the presentation room tomorrow,otherwise I will feel very paiseh!! I am just a fake ballet dancer,lol! 

I personally love ballet very much because the ballerinas are very graceful and ehem...slim. They are very flexible as well,I like this! Finger crossed for tomorrow's presentation,crossed crossed crossed!!! XXX

Shall blog about everything soon,stay tuned people! Stephanie,gambadeh!!!

It's all about white swan now.



  1. wow, good luck and have fun tomorrow! This sounds so interesting :)