Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicky Pop!

Went for chic pop event @Jaya One with my 'sisters' last Saturday! That was my first time attending chic pop,was quite exited,lol. Eelyn fetched me at 12 noon,then we went to KDU to fetch Xueren. We had lunch together with Emily as well! It's been a long time we never meet each other,I meet Xueren the most,hahaha :P

In order to save money for more clothes,I sacrifice my pity tummy and only ordered chicken ham and cheese sandwich *not nice one!* whereas the 3 of them ate something nice. Jealous! Guess what,Xueren ordered kids' lunch set,LOL! I couldn't wait to shop for clothes when I was eating,brain kept thinking of new clothes,wakaka :P 

It was not as many people as I thought. Err,I find it as a good thing. After walking around,finally I bought 2 tops and a pants. The most most most exciting thing was -- everything I bought was just 10 bucks! Yes,you are not blind or whatever,they are just 10 bucks each! Shoo cheap right? XD I purposely went to those 2 for 20bucks stalls because I wanna save money for some important date,muahaha :P 

I am so happy for what I've bought,they are nice but really cheap. Although the quality is not really good,but what can you expect from something which costs only 10 bucks? So what about my friends? Emily bought 3 tops (expensive weyy :P ),Xueren bought a high waisted pants and Eelyn bought only a top. 

Me eating that not nice sandwich =.=

Gosh,I looked so damn fat.

Clothes hunting.

*ignore my funny face*
Showing off my new clothes,muahaha! XD

Can't wait for the next chic pop event! Will get myself a jacket + dress next time. That's all for now,take care peeps,bye!



  1. got funny face? no wor :P u need more water hahaha

  2. and u look so doll and no expression while u hold the not so nice sandwiches :P

  3. Shopping is always fun right? :)

  4. haha! meet me until u feel bored eh? =P

  5. I went chicpop too! .. I didnt get enough "like" to get the jeans. :(

  6. faint.. u where got look fat?! =__=