Sunday, August 21, 2011

Outing @Sunway Pyramid

If I didn't hang out with my friends this holiday,you will see mushrooms growing on my head for real :O Hanged out with the 'boss',YY and the 'mentor',Karina on Friday. Had been waiting for it because I was really,really bored,slacking around at home everyday is unhealthy. If I have my own car,I swear I will do something very meaningful and not boring during holidays everyday,i.e shopping... XD 

So,the 3 of us went to Sunway Pyramid. YY came to pick us up at 9.30am and we reached pyramid at 10am. The first thing we did was to help YY to get new bags. She was so desperate for new bags,hahaha :P We went to Asian Avenue because there are many nice pretty bags. After looking all over the place,finally,she bought 2 of her favorite bags in Asian Avenue. She said she would be happier if she had bought another hand clutch bag,lol.

The mission was accomplished,then we went to do something fun again in the changing rooms of Forever 21 and Kitschen... XD All of us tried on maxi dresses. I always wanted a maxi dress,but they are very expensive :'(

Karina and I in Forever 21 changing room.
I super LOVE the maxi dress I wore! It's so beautiful!
The price is beautiful as well!

Hawaii feel? :P

YY's maxi is too long,lol.

In Kitschen.
We looked like armies,hahaha :D

Cheese :)

Ehem,it's time to comfort our empty stomach! Guess where we went for lunch? We went to 'T-bowl'! It was my second time to have lunch there,I bet you will know that it is a toilet concept restaurant by looking at the restaurant name,lol. 

Me demonstrating ...... ,hahaha! XD

YY gok si-ing! XD

The ice-cream is yummy ^^

YY commented in Facebook,'she admire shit' LOL XD

Karina and I.

Us :)

Spot YY's face,classic XD

And again,we were back to the 'fun activity'. 
Do we look like Japanese ladies? :P

Taken by Karina.

Spent a lot of money on Friday,sobsob :'( All of us bought rings and I bought 4,like crazy,hahaha. Love em so so much as I am a crazy ring freak. Will blog about chic pop soon,ciaos for now peeps!

Sem2 starts tomorrow,finger crossed for a good good start!
Gambadeh Steph,you can do it!



  1. hahaha. ur fren's classic face is funny! LOL.

    good luck for ur 2nd sem! =D

  2. You look really great in both the maxi dress! *admires* You should get one (:

  3. Hey, I like the army design of the dress! It gives personality, cool! :)

  4. wow cute + nice dress = cute dress lol :X

    so bad say u admire shit . . . ur fault also who ask u to went in to t bowl lol

  5. Looking pretty in the maxi dress! You must be quite tall! LOL