Friday, August 12, 2011

Mission accomplished!

The 'Black Swan' presentation was successfully done! YAY! XD Everyone went to college earlier yesterday to get themselves dressed up,everyone was so nervous! Almost everyone have lines to speak in front of the audience. There're many roles like the white swan,queen Beth,the evil phantom,black swan,the mentor,the father and mother,jealous friends,Lily and palace leaders.

During the preparation for this drama/sketch,we have spent a lot of time and money in order to get everything done nicely. The group was separated into 2 - black and white swan group. The black swan group was in charge of the black swan outfit,the same goes to the white swan group. Besides having the 2 main outfits,most of them had their own tutu skirt as well. We made everything ourselves! Awesome right? XD So,I was playing the white swan role,her name's Nina. Overall,it was amazing,very awesome :D 

There're ups and downs during the preparation,but we still did a great job :) This sketch will be the last presentation in semester 1 and my holiday starts today. Time passes so fast and semester 2 is coming already. Am I ready for it? I have no idea. I guess so. 3 of my classmates are leaving because they are not taking fashion,will miss them lots! >< 

We had only one proper practise I guess,anyway,I am glad that all of us did well in the sketch. Although there were some mistakes but they were hidden quite nicely,lol. My 'father' forgot his lines,alamak! XD One of my classmate ,Sharen helped us in the make up. She is a make up pro,claps! :D Li Jun was her assistant,she helped some of the friends out too. I was so reluctant to remove the make up yesterday,it was so beautiful! 

Shall let the pics to do the talk :)

Black swan backstage.

Miss YY and Karina were done with their make up!

This is our English teacher Miss Ami.
Me heart her lots!!! 

YY and Miss Ami.

My turn to put on make up.

Heee :3

Amanda bun-ning YY's hair.

Busy Sharen and Li Jun.

Make up done! :D
Credits to Sharen.

Busy people!

YY and I :3

These 2 cute little fellas,hahaha! XD

YY's idea of pose,lol!

Karina and I.
She's my mentor in the sketch :P

Vicky and I.
She's one of the palace leader.

Vicky and Karina.

Pretty Ashlee and I! 
She's leaving because she is an Interior design student.
Will miss you Ash! 

Meet the jealous friends and the phantom.
Cute tutu skirts for jealous friends!

The phantom and I.
She's very 'phantom',hahaha :D

The whole white swan outfit!
Oppps,forgot to cut the 2 ribbons off,yaiks! ><

Meet the black and white swan.

Smile ^^

Corlin the black swan.
Her make up's awesome!

YY and Sam's face...LOL!

YY and Li Jun.
Li Jun was playing the role of Lily,she's a friend of Nina the white swan.

Jealous YY and Sharen,hahaha.
White swan version :)

Lily and Sharen.

Meet my 'mother' Wan Rong! 
She has the mother feel right? :D

Bling bling~~~ LOL

Li Jun and I!
I love calling her Lily,hahaha :P

He is one of the judge teacher,Mr.Khairul.
He is very creative and talented in design :)
He looks very young right? Do not be cheated by his look,he is already married and has one baby girl,hahaha :D

Lily with her make up.

Nina with her make up 

Everyone's make up.

Vi-vien the narrator.

YY and Viv :)

Michelle and I.
She is one of the black version of jealous friends.

Seductive jealous friends huh? XD

Comelnya! All of you!

Nice one ^^

Whoops! Hahaha! XD

Jump shot! 
OMG,YY's head is missing! XD

Beautiful Ash!

YY and Ashlee.

Group pic.
Err,where is my 'dad'? Hahaha.

Prepared to jump...

Jump! ARGH,failed! ><

Love the make up.

Credits to the bf ;3 

I was so reluctant to remove the make up,it was really beautiful and my make up took the longest time to complete. I am glad that everyone including the judges and the teachers are satisfied with our sketch,they commented :'Good,well done!'. ARGH! I am so happy!!!!! XD

Semester 2 starts on 22th August,gonna face a totally different world soon. Gambadeh Steph,chase your dreams!




  1. lol *hand bulu stand up* lu ki hiao ar :P (last picture)

  2. Really nice make up! and lily's one too :D

  3. Looks like lots of fun! Btw, you look pretty :D

  4. Hehe so interesting the subjects in your course! Hope to read more about it :)

  5. i wish i've done tis when im younger