Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet the shopping freaks!

Before the mega sale ends,my sampat friends and I went to 1U to shop kao kao,muahaha. I wish I have brought more money...I really wanted to buy those 50% off shoes!!!!! T.T It was a rainy morning,Yokyee aka YY came to fetch Karina and I at 10am. She is our best + siao + punctual driver,hahaha :P 

It was still early when we reached there,I love shopping early because you can enjoy the silence,the cold air and to avoid becoming 'ikan masin in the tin'. We went into a few shops like Accessorize,Topshop,Dorothy Perkins and Roxy. I love Topshop so so much! I swear I will have my own brand and shop as nice as Topshop in the future :O

Then,we went to YY's fav -- Padini Concept Store. OMG,guess what we saw. ALL VINCCI SHOES WERE HAVING 50% DISCOUNT! YES,I MEAN ALL!!! HOLY GOD! I bought a pair of heels at the price of 39.90,it's so beautiful. I should have brought more money so that I can buy more flats and heels! Sigh,wait until Christmas sale bah... :'(

We ate only bread for lunch,so 'awesome'. Our quote -- save money ma. Finally,YY bought a top,a pair of flats and a bracelet,Karina bought a top same as YY's,and I bought a top,a pair of heels and a bracelet. Satisfactied? Err,not really *never*

We went to 'play play' in Kitschen,lol. We are still kids,hahaha. We found same dresses with different colours,so we wanted to try them on and play play. Wanna see the pictures? Tadah~

Me in pink,Karina in grey,and YY in green.

Cute YY and me XD
She looks like a goldfish right?

Karina and YY.

Solo pics of the shopping freaks.

So,how do I look? :)

That's all for now. It's been a hectic + super duper miserably busy week. Exams and assignments are killing me. I am glad that the art history thing is over,what is left are the game board project,design theory exam,DS outfit and the most nerve wrecking one,the sketch show 'Black swan'. I still haven't figure out the dance steps! ><

Good luck to me and good luck to you. 
Stay tuned for more interesting posts,bye!



  1. how do you look? you look great hahah :)

    Sketch show Black Swan Dance Step? :X U need to sketch or u gonna dance like Black Swan? haha

  2. You look awesome steph! :) Shopping with girl friends are always great hor :)

  3. Wow... u looks great with the dress on!! Did you buy it?? XD

  4. Nice dress, babe! I really need more shoes, all sort. But I didn't get anything for myself for the mega sales this time :(