Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm back!

I am back!!! XD OMG,I hadn't been updating my blog since...*thinking* Anyway,I am back to blogging world now! WEEEEE~~~ There were problems with my cpu,we tried fixing it a few times and finally it's alright now. And yay,I am blogging again,lol. 

So what's happening to me these days? Well,now I feel it,I am feeling the hectic life my seniors have been through. I am very busy! ARGH! I have lotza assignments especially for art history,and we have a sketch show,besides that,we have to make our own dress for design theory,and etc etc etc. OMG,I am going to burst soon! The thing is,I am not really doing those assignments because I am lazy hehehe,I am so afraid that I am unable to finish them,sob :'( 

My class is now very into white and black swan. We will be performing 'Black Swan' for 3D studies and English for communication in 2 weeks time which is during the assessment week. I am sure you will be wondering,'What the heck? Drama as the final assignment?' Oh yeah,it is. For English,we have to speak proper in the drama,whereas for 3D studies,we will design outfits for the white swan,black swan and the 'sidekick jealous friends'. WE ARE SO SO SO BUSY NOW,NEXT WEEK IS EXAM WEEK PULAK! Now,besides doing the assignments,we have to study for exam. Now I know what my college friends feel... =.=

I am playing the 'white swan' role,which means...I have to dance. I learned ballet before but it was long time ago when I was 9. I am all stiff now,old lady lol *tap wood* I am worried of the dancing part seriously,I scared people will laugh at me because I suck in dancing,maybe? >< Anyway,I will do my best for sure! Hwaiting! Alright,that's all for now,gotta start doing my assignments now *sigh*

Tata people,have a fun weekend! 



  1. welcome back then!! ^_^.v..

  2. If you looked pretty while you were dancing...I wouldn't care how you danced. :-0