Sunday, July 17, 2011

HP7,it all ends tonight

Watched the last part of Harry Potter with my boyfie last night. It's the very last episode already,we can never ask for 'encore' anymore. Although I did not finish watching the first part of HP7,anyway,I was still eager and couldn't wait to watch it. 

I will not tell the storyline here,it's always better to watch it yourself. Before that,make sure that you have watched the first part,otherwise you might not get what the movie is talking about. 

Finally,Voldemort is dead. I was looking forward to see him die,but I think that he died in a too easy way. He was just...died like that,pieces of him slowly leaving his body,and dead. It would be better if he was dead in a more 'wow' way. I am glad that Harry,Hermoine and Ron were survived. The movie ended in a happy way too. Just watch it and you'll know.

You might say that it is not as interesting as part 1,but it's the end of the whole HP collection already,who cares if it is not as great as part 1? I think it's brilliant,they have put in lots of effort and all of the HP casts are reluctant to say goodbye to the last episode. I cried in the cinema,besides,touching and feeling sad for the characters who were being killed,I felt so reluctant because that was the last one already.

So guys,watch it if you are interested,do not let yourself regret! 

They cried on the first screening.

Love them forever.

with love,


  1. I never like watching Harry Potter but looking at the pictures, it makes me feel sad that it's finally ending . LOL -_____-

  2. Great post!