Monday, July 4, 2011

NTV7 Feel Good run

Went to NTV7 Feel Good Run together with the Xue sisters yesterday. Thanks to their brother who were willing to sacrifice his sleep to fetch us to Sri Pentas,thanks big bro! Woke up at 6am and got myself prepared. I did not eat anything as breakfast because I know that my stomach will pain if I do eat anything,I mean any single thing before I run. A lot of people joined the run,it was so crowded everywhere! 

The day before yesterday,the Xue sisters and I went to KL for our shirt collection. Gosh,it was an awful 'foot trip'! FOOT TRIP! XS We took train from Kepong KTM station to Bank Negara,then we exchanged line to Hang Tuah monorail station. Actually the Wisma is just right opposite the station! WTH! We went walking a BIG round (a few Kilometres I think =.=),we even went to Petaling Street and their brother's law school nearby. Finally,a taxi driver told us that he knew that place and he's willing to fetch us there. Thanks Mr.driver!

It was such an unlucky day. After collecting our shirt,we went back to Hang Tuah station again. Shit,we entered the wrong train and we went all the way to Sentul! WRONG DIRECTION! Ohmygawd I was rushing back for my treatment at 5pm and yet we took the wrong train?! It was already 4.30pm,I called my mum and she scolded me! Gosh! Finally,we took the right train all over again from Sentul to Putra and back to the right way -- Kepong. That was my first time experience of taking the wrong train,so stupid of us! We shouldn't have trusted the security from the start! >< Anyway,I got back at 5.15pm and I still could attend for the treatment,otherwise,my mum will...Opps :P

The conclusion is -- it was such a tired 'trip',we had an one-day-marathon in Kl before NTV7 run :O

Tired looking eyes.
Taken in Petaling street.

Fish faces!
Blurp blurp.
We have searched everywhere! We walked and walked and walked like crazy at the same time eating our freezy ice-cream on the street. WTH,we even went to the police station to ask for the direction! We have walked for almost 2 hours! We were like lost people,awful till the max! .><.

Xue Wern hadn't eat anything for lunch,so we have decided to eat something in Petaling street. Petaling street is not like a Chinese street anymore,it's now replaced with Bangladesh people,which I don't like. It was a symbol for Chinese people,but now it's becoming like a chap-pa-lang street. People commented that it is safe anymore,pick pockets are everywhere,and the hygiene is not really good. Sigh :'(

FINALLY,we're there for shirt collection,finally =.=

Saw this cute bottle cap :P
'Let's pray for Japan'

Wrong station T.T
Took this at Sentul KTM station.

Grey series!

Me,Xueren and Xuewern's shoes.
Spot Wern's shoe lace,did it purposely for sports day.

Sorry,I am lazy to tilt the photo. 
My face showing >> WTH,this bag took me half a day to find.

Xueren's face showing >> sob sob,wrong direction then wrong station pulak.

Here comes the run part!
The next morning...

Models of the year~

They run under the category of 'costume fun run'.
Cute! :P

Jayren,Eli and her cousin was there too! :D

This superman is freaking hawt,I couldn't stand so I hugged him! XD
Perfect teeth,perfect smile,perfect bodyline,perfect face,ahhh......*melting*

Pirates of 'Malaysia'! XD

He dresses exactly like Jack Sparrow!

I ran non-stop for the whole 3km,syoknya!
*Showing off my cert :P*
That was the first run of the year of mine,I am now having muscle-ache everywhere T.T
Lazy to tilt the pic,sorry! ><

Winning smile!

Look who we met :P
We met a lot of celebs,you can look for the pics in the Xue sister's blog ^^

Here's Sri Pentas. 
We entered the building!

ARGH! Help me! .><.

Sri Pentas's models,lol :P

The weather wasn't nice,it started raining after run ends :(
But don't worry,clowns were there to cheer people up!

Spot the uncle behind me.
He's pointing his middle finger,ROFL! XD

We met Naz and his family!
Their baby girl is so cute! :D

He actually wished me to have a baby soon when I told him that his baby is adorable,omg =.="

We went to 1U after that.

Kissing the handsome guy.
I love Korean actors because they are so handsome,teehee :p

Macam yes pulak :P

Finally bought this ring,I wanted to buy it long ago but it was quite expensive.
I bought it from Forever 21 at the price of 15,discounted! ;D

After shopping,yesh,we were all beat.
We have decided to have our lunch in Fish&co.

What the fish! XD

I ordered New York whereas Wern ordered the best fish in town.
Mine had cheese inside!

That' Xueren's Italian one.

Ignore my eye bag.

'One bite and you're hooked!'

LOL,was too exited until spelled 'awesome' wrongly XD

Wern : where's my food...?

Me : gaah! I am hungry! Where's my fish?!

Here it comes,my NY fish and chips! 
It was yummeh!


Went back to my house with taxi after lunch.
Showing off the stuffs we got wakaka ;3

I love the earing! It's only 4 bucks from Forever 21 and Xueren bought it!
All of us bought ourselves a ring and a necklace,happiness :D

Half way redoing my flamingo's neck.

Shhh...sleeping beauty is sleeping... XD

Oh my,this is such a looooooooooooong post! >< Gotta go now,brother is waiting to use the pc. Gonna blog about sports day,ehem part 2 I suppose in a few days time. Going to KLCC for my lecturer's exhibition tomorrow,exited! Okay,good night people,heart <3

Stephanie Victoria


  1. So funnn! It seems like very easy everyone can finish the 3km run. Maybe next time I can try :P

  2. Wow you must be a good runner :) Btw I might go on shopping spree in One U as well :D