Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tumblr addict

It's been quite a long time I hadn't really update my blog,it is time to update something. It was basically due to my CPU broke down,and I was kind of busy with my school work plus I am getting lazy to blog. Lol,life has to go on still. Finally,I have handed in my barbie doll project. Will post about it soon :)

Gonna make this post a short one. What happened to me recently is,I started Tumblr-ing. I find Tumblr amazing because you are able to see really gorgeous pictures,you might get inspired in things too. As my friends have one,so I was thinking to have a try. And yes,I am a Tumblr addict now. LOL. I fancy of those pretty pictures and those cool and funny mini video clips. Tumblr makes things easy,you just need to click on the button 'REBLOG',then the picture you wanted will appear in your Tumblr page. Cool,fun and easy,I love it.

Here's the link of My Tumblr. Do pay a visit anytime,it would be lovely to follow my 'dream' ^^

Gotta go now,take care peeps. Owh,don't forget to watch the very last episode of Harry Potter!

Steph Montella

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