Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet ma flamingo

Finally,I am here to update my newest of my pink flamingo! I have mentioned about it since few weeks ago yet I had no time to post about it. I am just gonna post a few pics of it because I am sorta lazy to post all of them,heh :P 

We,the fashion group were given a project which is to make an animal themed headgear.  At last,I chose flamingo as my theme. Okay,why flamingo? 

Actually I wanted to choose peacock,but 2 of my friends have chosen it,so I wanna do something different instead. After I changed my mind for a few seconds,flamingo popped out in my mind. FLAMINGO! Flamingo is very pink,and it has a long neck and 2 long skinny legs. Okay then,flamingo,ON. That's what I was thinking of. 

We were given 5 weeks time to complete it. My mind was filled with pink stuffs because it is pink,LOL! Okay,I was thinking to get alot of pink feathers,but they are freaking expensive. SO,I ended up buying pink furies as the feathers of the flamingo. 

There're many steps to make it. First,I made the base for the body of the flamingo. I used 'wiremash' (I don't know how to spell it actually hahaha),folded it,cut it,tied it,pasted it,etc. The base took me plenty of time to complete it,I even redo it because the first one was not nice ad too big. Next,I pasted a layer of thin sponge as the protection of the inner base of the body. Actually we are going to 'wear' the body on our head,lol. After that,I added a butt for her,wahaha :D

Then,I sticked the pink fur on the base and or course,the butt. Next,I made the neck and the flamingo head. Dad helped me out in making the neck,big thanks to you dad! X3 I covered the neck with white lace,I painted the head,and I decorated the head with bedazzles and stuff. 

This is the body of the flamingo.
It's so PINK! XD
Spot the butt.

After adding the neck on top.
It looks like a snake isn't it? :P

This is the head. 
I nsed dry hard sponge to make the head,and painted it with white wash.
Without the 'white wash',I will not be able to paint the head as sponge absorbs water. 
Then,I used bedazzles,fur and even fake eye lashes to decorate the head. 
I made a crown for her as well! XD

This is the finished work,tadah~
Err,it might look funny for you,yes,it is :S
Spot the 2 skinny legs? I used straws actually,hahaha.
Our teacher asked us to figure out a name for our headgear and I got her a beautiful name.

'Ponce de Leveon'

Lol,so French. Thanks a lot for giving me an A+,I love you teacher! XD So...what do you think of my flamingo? :)

Our next project will be -- barbie clothes. Teacher asked us to go watch movies,choose one movie which attracts you,and make clothes for the main character. Hmm,are we to get inspired or to inspire? Gaah,I don't know :S Anyway,OMG my dream to make clothes is becoming true. Although it is not human wear,but it is our own design and we are going to make them out based on what we have designed! I am so excited,can't wait to start making the clothes! Hahaha :D Guess what?


I think I am going to choose making......a killer's outfit. Stay tuned ;)

Pixie pixie dust


  1. Nice flamingo death! Can't wait for ur barbie outfit! :)

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  3. quite nice d wor.. got other sample?

  4. It's so cute! You deserve an A+ :)