Tuesday, June 14, 2011

F for friends

Um,well,this is going to be a quite random post.

Spent time with 2 of my friends from the 'lame gang' last Saturday night. There're actually 4 of us,but one of them couldn't make it,miss Kalye missed the fun,aww...:'( Don't worry darling,we still have a lot of chances in the future! :D So,we brought some food to Ting's house and all we did were eating and talking. If Kalye was there,all the food would sure be finished,LOL XD We had sausages,kuih,watermelon,aloe vera drink and kuih again. We ate until very full :O

We were too lame/creative,hahaha! XD
Meet our 'pawmelon'! Juicy juicy!
Reached home at 12 something,shhh,don't tell my mum hehehe :P

Xue Ren deary got me some gifts from Singapore! They're from Universal Studio. I bet she and her sister had lotza fun there! :D

She got me marshmellow and a bar of chocolate :D

Show-off-ing :P

L  V E

I love gifts 

Look at my watermelon nails! They are quite 'cacat' la,but it is still cute and adorable! XD
Thanks to Brandy my lame best friend who shared the idea with me,muahaha :D

Cacat but I don't care :P

Okay,that's all for today. Have to study for Friday's test,please gimme an easy one,aza aza hwaiting! My boyfie,you gambadeh as well oh,muaah ♥ ^^



  1. haha! show-off pulak eh? =P i like ur nails! so cuteee! i got one college friend, she got strawberry nails! try that out too! =P

  2. suddenly u become watermelon girl! eating melons, doing melons nail art! hahahaa...

  3. Waa~ happy-nya!! Love the melon melon fingers!! XD Cute!!


  4. I really like your watermelon nails. They are cute.

  5. Your nails are so cute! :D Looks yummy, heh!