Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pangkor trip 28/29

My family and my cousin's family and I went for a trip to Pangkor island last weekend. It was my first time going to Pangkor,I was wondering what I am able to do there as it is just a small island. We woke up very early in the morning,5am++. I was damn tired and sleepy! It takes 3 hours to reach the jetty from KL.

Meet our Bruno Domo,so cute right! XD

After 2 hours of driving (my dad LOL),we took our breakfast somewhere in Bidor 美罗. My daddy said that the wantan mee over there are superb,we must give it a try. Besides,the 'siew pau' 烧包 there are famous too. 

Each costs RM1.40,expensive :O
Anyway,they are really nice.

Wantan mee.
For me,the wantan is the selling point as they are really nice,the noodles are just normal noodles,kind of dry thou. Hmm...rating: 5/10,5 is for the wantan.

FINALLY,we have reached the jetty in Lumut! 
Pity my butt...T.T

Waited for the boat for like...half an hour? 
Dad took this in the boat.
Spot my mummy and my brothers.
Heyy,why you took mummy's sunglasses?? :O


I kinda like this although I look a bit fat.

Yay,we reached Pangkor! XD
Pangkor is real hot weyy! ><
Sunblock is a must although it is pretty useless,sigh!

We hired a van and the first place we visited was this temple.

Family pic :D
Lol,my dad's hair became so...kindergarden after wearing his cap,hahaha.

Dad's idea.
My brother behind is so small,hahaha! XD

Under the hot sun...=.=

The weather was too hot until we had to eat something cooling.
Luckily there is a store selling shaved ice nearby,otherwise we'll all become roasted pig :O
The ice was so cooling and pretty! 
Lunch was right after that.

The van driver took us to this restaurant -- 福记海鲜酒楼 for lunch.

We had lala,fish,prawns and crabbies!

These are the 'cabs' in Pangkor island.
There are no buses or taxis,these vans are the main public vehicle.
I wonder why all of them are in pink,how cute,lol.
After lunch,we went to a shop to get some natives like anchovies.

I personally like this pic.
I like everything inside.


See this beach?
OMG,we have finally reached our hotel after a tired morning and afternoon! XD
It boasts 2 outdoor pools,a spa and private beach.
If I am not mistaken,it is a 5 star or at least 4 star hotel.

Dad's shot,he's just awesome.

One of our room.
What I like of the rooms are...they are located right beside the beach.
Awesome! :D

Swim suit-ed.

Yes,this is the reason why I like the rooms :)

I purposely made the heart for ya ;)

The 6 of us.

Dada & mama!

Lol,I was being really hyper + crazeeeeeee!!!

Guess what,we went canoeing
It was so damn fun! XD
Too bad,my sunblock didn't work well :(

After taking a short lesson of how to control the paddle and everything,we are all ready for it. Ehem,it was our first time,hahaha. Let's go babeh!

My purple paddle!

Top: me and cousin Mi-2
Centre: cousin Fat and cousin Yin
Bottom: brothers XZ and XC

'Peace' in the middle of the sea,hahaha :D

We will definitely go back again,and canoe again,and spot jelly fishes in the sea again!

This is so funny,lol.
Bye bye beach...bye bye...XD

These are hermit crabbies.
All of them are alive :O
There are a lot of hermit crab holes,I mean A LOT.

Sun set,so beautiful.

We had buffet at night,everything was delicious!

Their food are guaranteed nice.
Unlike some other hotels,their food are not as nice as the look,right?

They even have spaghetti,pasta and duck rice!
A big variety of food to choose :)

All of us were beat,I bet we had a really good night sleep that night,hahaha.
In the next morning,we had buffet for breakfast again!
I just love buffet,we can grab anything we want and eat and eat and eat until we satisfy.

Pancakes,noodles,yogurt,cornflakes,pau,salad,noodles,porridge,nasi lemak and ect.
That was the best breakfast I have ever had compared to other hotels.

Hornbill,not Sarawak's type,but they are still hornbill.
How cute! XD

Mother peacock and her babies.
These animals are actually set free,they can go anywhere they want,and they are harmless,no worries :)

Beach walk after breakfast,the beach is very sandy and beautiful,and clean as well.

My floral skirt is very yellowish.

It's us again :P
The 6 with their slippers.

Jelly fish!
It was going to die due to the lack of sea water.
We were trying to save it but we failed :(
We can't touch it because it is poisonous,so we had no choice but to leave it there :'(
Sorry jelly,rest in peace...
Anyway,we saw a lot of these in the sea when we were canoeing.
There are very BIG ones,and very small ones too.

Time to check out.
Took some pics of the hotel as memories.
It's a nice hotel,I wanna go back there again someday,I miss the beach already,and the canoe,and the food!

Okay,shall take a rest now. I am super duper sleepy as I just had my presentation done today. My next post -- my flamingo head gear project! I have delayed it for weeks,omg :O

Take care guys,tata.

*will see the Xue sisters,Miss Labii and Mr.Jayren again tomorrow! It's all about fashion babeh!*



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