Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger event @Grand Dorsett Hotel

Finally,I have free time to blog about the Blogger event in Grand Dorsett Hotel! I was kinda busy with my 'flamingo' project and I am glad that it is finally done. Will post about that project very soon,stay tuned ;) Alright,let's get back to the topic. I knew about this from Nana eddy in Facebook,a blogger friend of mine. FYI,Grand Dorsett Hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Subang nearby Sunway Pyramid. On that day,the Xue sisters -- Xueren and Xuewern came to my house at 2pm before the event starts. Well,Mr.Jayren Hann Yaw Kwan were suppose to fetch but he overslept... Lol,it's okay! Luckily nothing happened to him,we were so worried if anything had happened to him! Phew! :D Anyway,thanks to my mummy who fetched us after that! Big hugs to you mummy!

The timing was just right when we reached the hotel. we were lead to a small cafe to have some hi-tea food right after that. Pictures shall do the talk.

Cafe Aroma
RM25 per person.
The cafe sells cakes and desserts.

I love the tray 
It was filled with sandwiches,scones,cakes,tarts,tuna roll and puff.

You can toast the bread if you want to.

Typical Malaysian food -- banana,yam,keropok leko and sweet potato.

The kakak was toasting some bread for us.

I know what you are thinking of...The tarts look tempting! XD

Introducing the chef.

Group pics!
Meet the only guy Jayren :P
You can see Yeeing,Carmen,Jiayeen,me and the Xue sisters in these photos too! ;)

Eggie Jia Yeen and I.
I like the way she named her surname 'eggie',hahaha! XD

I told ya I love the tray ^^

After some briefings about the details of the hotel by the marketing communication manager Mr.Anthony Edwin,we were lead to 'Tanjung Wellness Spa' to take a look at the settings and circumstance there.
Picture above is the beautiful staircase in the lobby,it is shoo grand and beautiful :D

Pics taken in the spa house. 
Spot the big Xue Ren XD

Heart shape jacuzzi or just simply jacuzzi? 
No difference,lol.

Next,the Premier Lounge.
You are able to see external views in the lounge,it is quite spacious and comfy inside.
They serve some mini delights and drinks as well.

Before we take a rest in the Premier Lounge,we were lead to see the room with a transparent bathroom..
See,it is a see-through glass between the room and the bathroom!
Interesting + 'dangerous'! :D

Me playing with the shower,water was dripping from the shower at that time,lol! 

The big bed.
Feels like sleeping on it.

Xue Wern aka Orange was playing with the shower. 
Spot someone behind? It's Edwin! XD

Back to the lounge. Had some snacks plus alcohol there. Xue Ren and I are still considered as 'underage girls' actually,but we still drank the white wine. Shhhh,don't tell anybody :P

Yeeing and I. 
It has been quite some time we hadn't meet up with each other after the lousang dinner on January,it is so nice to meet you again pretty sista! XD

Later on,we were lead to see the restaurants in the hotel. At the very beginning of the event,every blogger were asked to choose which restaurant you want to have dinner in. We got to choose between buffet,Chinese style and Japanese style dinner. Quite many of us chose to have dinner here.
The picture above shows the internal look of 'The Emperor'.

The Emperor 
A traditionally themed halal Cantonese restaurant, The Emperor is located on the Mezzanine Level of the hotel. Overlooking the beautifully landscaped swimming pool and marquis lawn, it caters to 180 persons with four private dining rooms.
Cuisine: Chinese
Hours: Monday - Saturday 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM; Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Daily 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Atmosphere: Cozy and Comfortable
Setting: Contemporary Chinese

From left: me,Jiayeen and Xueren

Smiled with teeth shown! :D

Up next was the Japanese style -- Miyako Japanese restaurant. 

Miyako Japanese Restaurant 
Miyako Japanese Restaurant is housed in a traditional Japanese-styled cottage, set secluded amidst beautifully landscaped gardens of the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.
Cuisine: Japanese
Hours: 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM; 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Atmosphere: Cozy
Setting: Japanese

It is not attached to the hotel actually,it is located somewhere outside OR to say,in front of the swimming pool. Quite mysterious huh :P There were only 3 of us chose having dinner here. What about the rest of us? Well,most of us chose buffet for dinner! :D

Here we come to the 'Hawker's Fare' at Terazza Brasserie! Dinner time!! XD 

Terazza Brasserie 
Located on ground level, this distinguished restaurant is set in a Mediterranean environment overlooking the beautifully landscaped swimming pool and marquis lawn. It can cater up to 192 diners.
Cuisine: International
Hours: 6:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Atmosphere: Relaxed

Our seats.

The appetizers.

I do not touch this section ><
It reminds me of Henry eating his oysters in front of me,lol...

Xueren and sushi!

Food food food,it's all about FOOD

Baked stingray with assam sauce. 
Forgot to try it,aiks :X


Dessert is always my favorite part! XD

It's chocolate fondue!
I love this I love this I love this!
The chocolate is damn nice! :D

I always love yam and chocolate flavour.

The inner view.

Soy baked cod,saute baby spinach,fennel fondant,kalamansi butter sauce.
(signature dish)

Caesar salad with warm poached egg.
(signature dish)

These are the signature dishes of the chef.

Xue Wern selling cendol? :P

Meet the Xue sisters,Xue Ren and Xue Wern!

Henry and I.

Xue Ren,Jayren,me and Xue Wern.
Used to call Orange as Xue Wern,sorry ><

Jayren and I.

What happened to you? LOL! XD

Xueren with the candle.

Me with the candle.

There are also food outside,most of them are roasted or fried food!

Roast chicken.

My yam + chocolate ice-cream!

Heart this shot 
We are sisters always! :D

Sarangheyo :D

Girls just love taking pics ;)



The dinner was great,all of us had a great time with each other. If you ask me what food I love the most,I would say CHOCOLATE FONDUE! Imma a dessert fan with 2 tummies,I can survive with only desserts! Lol *imma just joking*

It's time to leave. Took a snapshot before going back.

Yeeing and I!
We are? Sistas! XD

Yeeing's and mine. We have devil red toe nails.

Had such an awesome day with the bloggers. I wish there will be more events and gatherings like this,would love to meet more of you out there! Shall go now,see yall love. Don't forget,Grand Dorsett's chocolate fondue is always there waiting for you... ;)

Steph de pixie dust


  1. Good post, anyways . . . It is Elwyn, not Edwin :P

  2. whoa so many pictures. Nice event,and a good writeup :( couldnt make it coz was in Langkawi that time.

  3. took long time to read it~nais post neh~~craving for the foods nao! ><

  4. Kianfai: opps...sry Elwyn!!!
    Yeeing: hearts!
    Jesssss: Thx ;)
    Nikel: u were there too,lol.
    Isaac: it's ok,we can organize more events next time!
    Jayren: aligatok!
    Meowie: whoops,sry eh,it's too long! XD
    Crips: yes it was ;)

  5. nice one deary! *gonna take some of ur food photos yeah!* =P

  6. Ya.. RM25 is for the set meal.. RM38 is for buffet style.