Wednesday, May 11, 2011

College VS food

This week is the fifth week since I started my college. Time flew so fast,it's the fifth week already,wow. We will be given tests next week,how fast! Presentations will be catching us up soon as well,I think I'll just be as busy as others. Well,if you ask me which class I dislike the most,I would say Monday's. Not to say dislike,but it is the longest plus the least fun class,which is fundamental drawing. I do not dislike it,I just feel that other classes are much interesting than that. Sorry Miss Loo,it's not your fault,you are a good teacher,it's true :) 

So,the picture below was what we were drawing this Monday. Miss Loo,our lecturer taught us shading,it was tough! I thought the 'shading' she mentioned was as the same as what I learned in my previous art classes when I was in secondary school. I am too naive,lol. Let me tell you,it is totally different. I can hardly explain it here,so forget about it. We will have a test for this on next Monday,OMG! I am still not familiar with the previous technique,I need help,S.O.S.!

My sketching,cacat.

SUBWAY has been our favorite choice these days because it is located right beside my college! I see my classmates eating their cookies everyday,without fail,lol. Even I am kinda addicted of em now,cannot control myself thinking of the cookies,hahaha. I don't think I will slim down in college,but I will become heavier instead,not a good news though,hahaha. Karina and I bought cookies on Monday. We were so hungry after class,so we have decided to get ourselves cookies,again. Every week cookies,all of us will become cookie monsters sooner,lol.

Karina the cookie monster!

My boyfie thought it costs RM4.90,he told me it is not worth eating. LOL,it costs just RM1.20! Nway,meet my chocolate chips cookie. Yumyum.

Me the cookie monster no.2. 

Stayed back at college for my head gear thingy with Li Jun,Sharen and Corlin yesterday. For lunch,we went to a Malay stall and we ate Malay style rice. Guess how much my plate above costs? It costs RM3.50 only,I think it's quite reasonable :)

No class today,weee~ Actually we skipped,I think all of us do that,lol. Alright,shall do my journal now,ciao.

P.S. -- I need help for my head gear thing! It is so weird and bulky! Uncle,help! ><