Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asia Cafe

Overnight with brothers at cousin's house yesterday as daddy and mummy went for outstation n Friday. Remember to bring your daughter back some stuffs yea ;P Uncle David came and fetched us at 6pm yesterday,duh,it was raining again,so inconvenient :O He promised to bring all of us out for dinner and he did. Guess where he brought us to? 

It's Asia Cafe!

Well,it is not a cafe nor a coffee shop. It is a big food court located right opposite Inti College in Subang. I bet all of you know that the rea is full with food stalls,restaurants and cafes. If you re studying there,you're so lucky but at the same time unlucky as you will get fat eating that much,muahaha :P

There are too many choices of food,I think I have spent more about 20 minutes to decide what to eat. Cousins and I kept walking around and around the hawker stalls to look for what we want. Finally,I Spotted this 'sweet sour fish with rice'. I felt like eating sweet and sour stuff so I made my order at last,phew.

So this is my dish. My fish is the middle one. The rice was very hard,the fish in covered with a thick layer of flour,I could hardly taste the fish because I kept tasting the flour :O It costed RM6.90 weyy,not valuable at all. Next time don't wanna bong chan this stall,hmm.

Uncle David ordered 2 king crabs for us! XD Happy happy happy. All of us didn't knew about it until the worker served them up on the table. WOOHOO~ It was awesome! :D It has been quite a long time I hadn't taste crabbies,I ate a lot until I couldn't stuff food in. At night,I blamed to my boyfriend that I wanted to vomit,LOL. Dear,it reminds me of your 'little king crab' in Jogoya,it was so tiny and fleshless,hahaha! XD

Sweet sour crab. The sauce was awesome! :D

4 pieces = RM2.50,so expensive :O

'Gam heong' crabby,nice nice nice yummy~! XP
It's finger licking good~

Our fruit juices. I still prefer apple juice ^^

The mug is so big!

Yum yum yum,I know you wanna eat :P

Today is Labour day. Wishing all the people in the world a happy labour day,take more rest on this special day :) aww,how great if there is 'Student day' :(

I miss you every night and day 



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  2. The crab looks appetizing! It's been long since the last time i eaten a crab. =)

  3. Never tried any other food at asia cafe beside their indo mee goreng and friend mushrooms :P

  4. mis who everynite and day? :P blekkkkk

  5. love te varieties there but hate it when comes to finding parking >.<

  6. OMG looks like delicious heavens :D