Friday, April 29, 2011

Will & Kate

It was raining quite heavily this morning. Aww,this friday morning seemed to be a moody one :( Finally,I got to finish listening to JJ and Ian's gotcha call from Normally,Karina and I reach college very early but this time nope. LDP was freaking jam due to the heavy rain. It was a dull and cold morning,making people feeling sleepy,inactivating people's mind. This morning's gotcha call was the most awesome one compared to all the other gotchas I've listen to. I burst out laughing in the car,paiseh ah aunty,hahaha! XD

Well,assignment was given by Puan Ting today. She is our art history lecturer. I never thought that I will be taking this subject because I never knew and heard about it before until I received my timetable. What I thought was Malaysian history. Assignment was given on the second class,OMG. This is our first assignment for art history,if I am not mistaken,there are a total of 4 assignments to complete for this subject. This project is about African masks and ancient art like cave paintings and sculptures. Puan Ting told us that there will be more and more assignments coming next time. Sigh,pity us :'( 

These are the examples of the pictures I have to print out,it's all about ancient art history.

Will be staying overnight at cousin's house tomorrow,yeepee~ :D It has been a long time we hadn't been sleeping together since...don't know :P 

Watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate with my boy just now,it was so spectacular and the bride's wedding gaun was so beautiful! Guess what,my dad asked me to marry a prince after he watched the news about the royal wedding a few days ago. LOL,I don't think that it is possible,hah! XD Next time,I would like to wear a wedding veil when I get married in the future,hehehe X3 Live happily ever after yea,have a blessed wedding!



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  2. Is it the gotcha call an the tongue twister one? HAHAHA damn funneh, I heard that too :P

    If marry a prince in Msia, need to convert into Islam LOL